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Get ready to gorge

On Nov. 12, 1892 an event occurred that would forever be etched in sports history. Football was relatively new then. The Allegheny Athletic Association football team defeated the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The game itself was not a momentous event, but what happened did make it a never-to-forget time in sports history. Pudge Heffelfinger was openly paid $500 to play the halfback position for one game. (Today the average pay for a running back is $1,012,000 per year.) Thus, professional football was born more than 125 years ago.

What is now called Super Bowl developed 76 years later. 

The Super Bowl wasn’t originally called Super Bowl, at least, not officially. The 1967 title game was the first held between AFL and NFL teams and called The American Football and National Football World Championship Game. That name held until 1970 when Super Bowl was adopted. Only 61,946 attended the game paying as little as $6 for a ticket. (Cheapest tickets for the upcoming Super Bowl LIII (...

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