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Gardening in small spaces

Jim and I continue to enjoy the okra and fresh tomatoes from his vegetable garden. The green peppers and the squash that he replanted after the attack of the squash vine borers are delicious. We are fortunate to have ample space for all of our raised beds, but what if we lived in a condo or an apartment? We would still want fresh fruits and vegetables, but we would have to figure out how to grow them in a small space.

Several weeks ago, a friend who lives in a condo posted a photo of a pot with a sad-looking tomato on a shriveled plant with the comment, “My only tomato this summer!” I can empathize. In the past, I tried to grow strawberries in a pot without success. The plants dried up and produced few berries. Looking back, I realize I didn’t consider some of the differences between small container gardening and growing fruit and vegetables in a raised bed or directly in the ground.

I read with interest the N.C. State Extension publication “How to Create a Container Garden for ...

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