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French recipes

Filet "Au Poivre"

8 oz. center cut filet of beef

2 Yukon Gold potatoes

1 Vidalia onion

3 shallots

3 sprigs fresh thyme

8 oz. white wine

32 oz. veal jus

4 oz. heavy cream

4 oz. brandy

Kosher salt

Fresh ground pepper

Filet: Season with kosher salt and pepper generously, and grill to desired temperature.

Potatoes: Peel and cut the Yukon Gold potatoes lengthwise. Slice into one cm half-moon shape and parboil. After they cool, fry until they are golden brown, sauté with Vidalia onions, and season to taste.

Sauce: Sauté shallots and thyme in olive oil. Add white wine, reduce by half, and add veal jus, heavy cream, and brandy. Reduce until the sauce is nape (a sauce which is nape will coat the back of a spoon). Season with salt and pepper and strain.

Anis Bistro’s Moules Marinières

Total prep time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1 as an entrée

This recipe makes a very generous amount of "sauce," perfect for mop...

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