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Letter: For Winebarger

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This letter is about Ken Gibson with his glossy website and hip Facebook page. Nothing personal, Mr. Gibson, but you are coming across as a true lawyer turned politician just skimming issues never delving deep into what you will actually do.

Enhancing education, well that’s a given, who doesn’t want that in a community?

A vibrant economy, again a given in our community.

And my favorite, broadband internet. I believe you lack complete understanding on this, so I will give you a real world example. To get broadband internet to my residence I was quoted a cost by Cox of $55,000. Yes, you read that right—fifty-five thousand dollars to run line from their pole approximately 3,300 feet to my property. So, my question to you, Mr. Gibson, is exactly how do you think you are going to accomplish your “promise” of “expanding access to high speed broadband internet” to the residents of the county? What funds do you propose to use to pay for all this “access” t...

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