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Sous vide cooking demonstrated in Mathews

Sous Vide (pronounced “soo-veed”) is a fairly new concept in the culinary world. Food is placed in an airtight plastic bag, then cooked in temperature-controlled water.

The method made its way into the French restaurant scene in 1974; chefs Bruno Goussault and George Pralus are given credit for developing sous vide, as they looked for a way to improve the tenderness of roast beef.

A number of sous vide cookers are filled with bags of foods, ready to be opened.

By 2000 this new technique slowly spanned the ocean and chefs began providing sous vide circulators for their kitchens, although no one really knew how to use them. Then enter the internet, and chefs could learn from each other. By 2005 sous vide use really picked up in popularity. Today, restaurants in the larger metropolitan areas are offering sous vide cookery as a staple and the method is slowly reaching the American home kitchen, especially since the price of circulators has dropped considerably.

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