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Florida lemons are growing in Gloucester Point

How many times has this happened to you: thinking about making a lemon chess pie or maybe a refreshing drink or even an entrée calling for lemon as a citrus flavoring, you open your refrigerator and find no lemons, again.This will not happen to Melissa Ashe of Gloucester Point. Melissa has her own lemon tree and it is producing. Next to her lemon tree are lime and blood orange trees.

Melissa Ashe

“I got the three plants in Florida,” she said. “I was in Florida in 2011 attending the next-to-the-last shuttle launch.” She stopped by a roadside stand and brought the three trees to Gloucester.

“From a one-gallon container I immediately repotted them into a much larger container. I put them outside during spring and summer and for the colder months I bring them inside and put them at my patio door. This is the first time I have actually had sizeable fruit on any of them. Most have been tiny and dropped off all three plants.

“I think the lemon is a Eureka. I’ve had them so long t...

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