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Fairfield finding means minor turn for Timberneck

A surprise discovery during phase one of the Timberneck park project buildout will mean a change in the proposed hand launch location for small craft.

According to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, while Phase One as a whole remains on track for its 2019 completion, the discovery of “archeological resources” will cause a shift in the location of the hand launch site.

“For the same reasons we looked at this site and thought ‘hey that’s a great spot to put a canoe in’ the native inhabitants looked at this site and said, ‘hey that’s a great spot to put a canoe in,’” said DCR Deputy Director of Operations Tom Smith.

Smith explained that the Fairfield Foundation, as part of an archeological survey, found evidence that points to both native populations as well as European colonizers using the Cedar Bush Creek site to launch canoes and small craft. While Smith was not at liberty to say what specific items or archeolog...

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