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Enjoying the latest tunes on the graphaphone

115 YEARS AGOThursday, Feb. 13, 1908from the Mathews Journal

It seems as the weather in Susan, which had been quite unpleasant and looked as if it would be worse, cleared off and softened down on last Tuesday night for the special benefit of the Woman’s Missionary Society of East Mathews Circuit who had appointed an entertainment at Odd Fellows’ Hall on that evening to assist them in their work. Mr. Ira White very kindly brought his graphaphone; cake and ice cream was provided by the ladies. From eighty to a hundred persons were in attendance and all seemed to be in good spirits. Everything moved in a quiet and orderly manner, but some thoughtless young men who seem to be forgetful of that fact that all ladies do not like tobacco smoke, as they lighted their cigarettes and seemed to enjoy them. This was not done through any disrespect, simply for the want of thought, or may be for the want of better training. The graphaphone introduced itself with the “Star Spangled Banner” and gav...

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