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Editorial: We have limits

Correspondents, we feel your passion. And we ask that you be mindful of our limitations, especially, the limitation of space.

The Gazette-Journal is blessed to receive communications on every subject under the sun. Sometimes repeatedly. As elections draw near, the usual volume of letters swells.

We want your opinions and hope to print as many as possible; but if you have written in the last week or so, there is a good chance we will make space for other writers who are not so frequent. Some newspapers have a rule: one letter a month. We are not quite ready to adopt that officially, but we do, as stated, have our limits.

That said, we are happy to hear from you on subjects of public interest. Please make your points and keep them as brief as possible. Sign them in your handwriting, submit them in a timely fashion, and be sure to give us a daytime phone number.

We do hope to hear from you.

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