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Editorial: Warmer days on the way

There hasn’t been much to like about this winter unless you are a large shareholder in an oil or power company. Profits should be good this year.

Finally endless January approaches its end. By the time next week’s paper is on the street, the venerable groundhog will have looked for his shadow and predicted how much longer we must endure the bitter season.

Already there are a few bright spots.

The days are longer. The sun still dallies in the morning, as though it cannot bear to face another freeze, but it is waiting until 5:30 to set in the evening: a good 40 minutes more of daylight.

Seed catalogs are causing gardeners to sprout ideas for the growing season.

Best of all, cold as it has been, a few daffodil tips are appearing above the soil. They promise a return of longer days, of color, and warmth. It can’t come soon enough.

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