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Editorial: Wake up

The Russian trolls, secure from prosecution so long as they stay in Russia, went into overdrive during the weekend.

The twin triggers of 1. another mass shooting in an American school, and 2. indictments of their own actions by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, gave them plenty of material.

They seized the opportunity, and flooded social media outlets with divisive posts about the usual hot-button items: crime, illegal immigrants, gun control, Hillary Clinton, and election interference.  It’s far worse than the daily deluge.

Americans, wake up!

Our democratic system is too precious to be corrupted by such filth. Trolls succeed in corrupting our faith in that system. Divided, we question everything. We spread the lies. We are weakened from within.

Let us examine, in contrast, the pure, clean, spontaneous, anguished response of high school students who survived the Florida shooting. They are organizing their voices and their efforts to call for gun control to end to the ...

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