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Editorial: Voting isn’t a spectator sport

Two years ago, the party trying to take over Congress and the White House campaigned on "Hope" and "Change."

Today, the party it displaced likes to say "Congress, You’re Fired."

All the debate and contention will be over (at least temporarily) on Nov. 3. Until then, the people who want to change the changers, and the people who are just fine with the present political setup can only hope for a satisfactory result.

Hope, and vote.

The United States, where free and fair elections mark the celebration of democracy, has shockingly low participation among persons 18 and older qualified to vote. A dismaying percentage of those registered to cast ballots actually do so; and millions more have never signed up.

For Gloucester and Mathews voters, this coming election features a Republican incumbent Congressman facing challengers from the Democratic and Independent Green parties. Can you name them? (Rob Wittman, Krystal Ball and G. Gail "for Ra...

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