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Editorial: Vote!

We could try to come up with some inspiring, persuasive and cogent argument about whom you should support for president when you go to the polls on Tuesday. We could cite each candidate’s position papers, past experience (or lack thereof), character and demeanor in an effort to sway you one way or another.

But we’re not going to do that.

Truth is, in this highly polarized election, most everybody who is planning to vote has already made up his or her mind.

The people we would like to speak to today are those of you who—turned off by the vitriol of this particularly nasty campaign season—have decided to sit out this election. Our one word of advice to you is: Don’t!

It’s true that many people view this election is a choice between the lesser of two evils; that neither the Republicans nor Democrats came up with the best candidate for the job. But, in reality, We the People (or a small subset thereof) selected the two anointed major-party candidates...

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