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Editorial: Very interesting

Gloucester County last year changed its zoning rules to allow for the “planting” of solar farms. At the time a lawyer appeared before the planning commission to indicate his unnamed client’s interest in building a solar energy generating facility in the county.

According to a recent update in our paper, the lawyer said that plan did not work out, and no other entity has thus far pursued a solar farm, according to county leaders.

In the future … who can tell? The groundwork is laid.

An intriguing development on renewable power has emerged across the ocean. Vortex, a startup company in Spain, has constructed bladeless wind turbines.

The knock on turbines has been a fear that their revolving blades will kill countless birds.

Each bladeless turbine resembles a giant oar standing on end with the flat paddle end at the top. The wind vibrates this broadened paddle, creating energy. See more at

Field after field of these bladeless turbines would res...

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