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Editorial: Time to move on

“As long as you keep on publishing this ugly propaganda, it needs to be rebutted.”

That comment came from a reader who has submitted several letters on the issue of climate change (its scientific validity, whether it is manmade or natural in origin, etc.), letters that have dominated our editorial pages in recent weeks. Never mind which side of the debate that author was on—both “deniers” and “warmers” would probably feel the same way about the other’s arguments. It is unlikely that there will ever be a meeting of the minds between these two sides.

That’s why we’re finally putting an end to the debate on our pages … for the time being. It’s the second time we’ve had to do this. Several years ago, we ran into the same thing and announced that we were putting a halt to it. But then it slowly creeped back onto our editorial pages, much like the rising sea le… (wait, better not say that).

So, we’...

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