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Editorial: The spirit of enterprise lives

The worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Government bailouts of the big boys. Stockholders in bankrupt corporations left holding empty cash bags.

Record numbers of homes in foreclosure.

You might think these depressing headlines would dampen the human spirit of endeavor. But no. Entrepreneurs continue to put their dreams into new storefronts, online ventures, and home occupations.

As the leaves begin to re-green the wintry countryside, new companies in Gloucester and Mathews are opening their doors. They hope to place their own vision of green into action, first in their pocketbooks, and then in their communities.

Small businesses are flexible, innovative—and vulnerable. The independent operators who have put their capital and dreams into public view depend upon public acceptance to make a go.

If they can survive their first year, they have a good chance to take root and grow. They will hire more people, pay more taxes, buy more products. Every Fortun...

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