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Editorial: The pig in the room

It’s been around ever since men and women first worked side by side. But now it’s finally coming out of the shadows.

We’re all familiar with the stereotypical image of a boss chasing his secretary around a desk, or the legendary casting couch of movie industry fame. “Oh, he’s just a ladies’ man. He doesn’t mean any harm,” they might say. Or, “He’s a bit of a lech. That’s just how he is.”

The winking euphemisms were employed to promote a culture that tolerated, if not outright approved of, sexual harassment and assault.

Sexual harassment in the workplace runs the gamut from an inappropriate comment, an unwanted touch or a leering glance all the way to a pressured sexual encounter with the threat of the woman losing her job if she refuses to comply.

How many women have simply found it easier to walk away from their jobs and careers rather than succumb to repeated unwanted advances and lewd remarks? What has been ...

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