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Editorial: The death of reason

We deplore the constant and apparently increasing absolutism expressed by persons in the position to govern, lead, or influence the nation. Public officials and those who make their living off the business of politics, such as lobbyists, PAC leaders and party officials, and those who drive up ratings through commentary, are all guilty.

The absolutism applies to almost any topic of public discourse. Guns. Education. Immigration. Health care. Climate change. Religion. Foreign policy. Taxes. You name it. There is no middle ground. They will fight about it.

Absolutism defies the laws of gravity and balance; and among some of those influenced by it, absolutism can lead to intolerance; to a portion of intolerant people, to prejudice; to a small portion of those, to extremist acts. This is a dangerous end result of refusing to reason with your opponents.

Have we forgotten the wages of absolute extremism?

May we remind our readers that just a little over a decade ago, Americans were united...

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