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Editorial: The blooming face of humanity

Change is all around us, sometimes creeping, sometimes so abrupt that we wonder if anything will remain the same.

The landscape changes. Suddenly on a daily drive we wonder … when did that old house come down, where the new one now sits? Did that business go out? When did that field turn into houses? When did that church add on? Is that couple still living?

Our work life changes. Most of us, instead of getting on a tractor or in a boat, get in our car to drive to work. Farming and fishing survive but on a much smaller scale from the days during which these occupations defined our community.

Education changes, and it has in a big way from the scene of one century ago: small schools, short school years, instruction available to those who attended but few rules about who should be educated, and no planning for those who differed. 

Society changes. It seems that almost anything goes in the way of lifestyle, appearance. Most importantly, although some are always trying to st...

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