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Editorial: Tarnished

Who was in that racist photo on Governor Northam’s medical school yearbook page?

After all this time, the investigation into the “who” and “how” of this perplexing and damaging question came back with an inconclusive answer: “We don’t know.”

The law firm McGuireWoods, hired by Eastern Virginia Medical School, interviewed a lot of people, most of whom said they did not think the photo showed the governor. 

If there was ever a hope that two individuals would step before cameras and say they are the blackface and KKK people depicted, that has gone. The report stated the obvious: “We recognize that there are strong disincentives for anyone to acknowledge being in that Photograph given the media coverage of the Photograph and the potential professional and social repercussions of doing so.”

We have had a long wait and know nothing more now than we did when the story broke Feb. 1, when Northam first said the racist photo sh...

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