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Editorial: Super Tuesday

By Wednesday morning, Americans may wake up to find there’s a clear frontrunner in the race to defeat President Donald Trump in November.

Or, we may wake up that morning just as confused and uncertain as ever. Only time will tell.

Fourteen states including Virginia and one U.S. territory will hold nominating contests on Tuesday, to award a total of 1,357 delegates. While that alone isn’t enough to secure the Democratic nomination, it does represent about 34 percent of all the delegates up for grabs.

So, who should you vote for on Tuesday? That’s a tough one. At present, there are eight viable candidates on the ballot in Virginia. We suggest you start with those. Unless you’re looking to make some kind of a statement, voting for Michael Bennet, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Deval Patrick, Marianne Williamson or Andrew Yang will be as effective as writing in Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

Next, do your homework. If you’ve been watching the debates, great. If...

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