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Editorial: Steering a steady course

Ralph Northam first gained our admiration in 2007 when he ran for the state Senate seat that includes Mathews. He said he ran because of frustration with gridlock. He meant both the gridlock that seems to paralyze government progress, and the literal automotive gridlock that congests Hampton Roads.

Mathews fell into the Fourth Senatorial District, which is mostly Norfolk, during a redistricting challenge after the 2000 census. Ralph Northam, the Eastern Shore native turned Norfolk physician, always seemed to enjoy coming to Mathews after beating a two-term incumbent.

He has worked across the aisle, describing himself as a “conservative on fiscal issues and liberal on social issues,” managing to find a path that others can respect, even if they do not agree. He is a dedicated public servant.

After six years in the Senate, Ralph Northam moved up to lieutenant governor, and made no secret that he wishes to be governor. The election comes in November of this year.

A Democra...

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