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Editorial: Sources of pride

This weekend, we mark one year since Virginia first shut down in the face of the oncoming coronavirus tsunami.

And life changed. Cut off from most social connections, we have stayed at home, taken to social media, and in many cases, become isolated. Not knowing what was to come, or when it would end, we did our best to prepare.

What is the national mood? After a year of worries, we can see a brighter future. When this future arrives, and how much of the present gloom it will relieve, are questions still unanswered.

So, in the spirit of approaching spring, we muster up a full cup of optimism and venture to remind our readers of some of the good things that have happened in the 12 months now, blessedly, behind us.

They are sources of local pride.

For our March 19, 2020 issue, we had a story telling how health care facilities were preparing for COVID. Esther Desimini, president and administrator of Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, stated confidently, “We are very well posit...

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