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Editorial: Something we agree on

The elections are over. The nation has not crumbled. And it will not crumble under the guidance of those recently elected, the hateful attack ads put out by their opponents notwithstanding.

Inundated by the attack ads, many voters turn off the TV and some turn off the process altogether. They should not.

They should instead go to the polls and visit with their neighbors. They should observe Democratic poll workers standing shoulder to shoulder with the Republican poll workers, chatting over coffee about the weather, the Redskins … even the election. These people are finding things to agree on. Why can’t the candidates?

After voting, a citizen may turn to his or her Facebook page. There the voter will see his friends, of one known political persuasion, and of another known political persuasion, posting the same memo: Vote. They have found something to agree on.

The election is over, and a goodly portion of our population … not large enough, but a good-sized group...

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