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Editorial: Someone failed

A memo by Newt Gingrich from 1996 advises that "Language is a key mechanism of control used by a majority party", and he became a master of the use of language to influence opinions. Especially, in instructing his allies (Republicans) how to use language to tar and feather all opponents (Democrats) and their ideas. Among the words recommended: cheat, coercion, corrupt, destructive, liberal, lie … and fail.

Now Nuclear Newt has turned the guns on his own, the Republican Party of Virginia, which said he did not meet legal requirements to get on the state’s GOP primary ballot. In turn, he called the state’s electoral process (currently run by Republicans): "failed."

Well, Romney and Paul managed to play by the rules and get on the ballot. Gingrich and Perry tried, and … failed. Obviously their organizations failed the candidates, and whether the process is too hard, too arcane, too destructive, too pathetic (another Newt word), no one ha...

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