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Editorial: Quail, Chapter 2

Now that winter’s drab or downright cold atmosphere has settled in, those of us who cannot escape to Florida are reduced to remembering the best parts of summer.

The early morning call-and-response of bobwhite quail surely ranks among summer’s most appealing virtues.

It’s a sound many young Virginians, even those who live in the country, have never heard. They cannot blame this entirely on air conditioning.

In fact, the quail population in Virginia is just a fraction of its historic levels. Habitat loss is blamed, along with efficient farming and the desire to produce perfect lawns with no ragged edges.

An effort started in September in Gloucester to improve quail habitat has now spread to Mathews. Beverly Holmberg of North is taking up the cause sparked by Blair Farinholt.

We applaud this new work to preserve and replenish one of Virginia’s most significant native species, and wish the volunteers much success. The landscape, if a little less perfect...

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