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Editorial: Prophecy and reality

With the recent death of pioneer moon walker Neil Armstrong, an era of American history and optimism has closed. The moon landing made us think anything was possible.

Recently we found an editorial from the Gazette-Journal of July 24, 1969, discussing America’s landing on the moon, and predicting great things to come. That editorial termed the landing "the wonder of our time" and said that "Much still unknown will be revealed and more breakthroughs by science will be produced before the 20th century ends."

In 1989, a 20-year follow-up editorial noted that the century’s end drew near and wondered, "Will man conquer cancer? cure AIDS? find a way to neutralize radioactive waste? walk on Mars?"

As it turns out, 12 years into the new century and 43 years since the moon landing, none of the above have been achieved, although retroviral drugs have neutralized the ravages of AIDS for tens of thousands of patients, and we have a timetable to walk on Mars.

What neither edit...

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