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Editorial: One nation

Soon-to-be President Joe Biden faces a massive task starting at noon next Wednesday, Jan. 20. He must try to stitch up our national fabric to repair the huge rips that became all too apparent during the wretched Capitol riot last Wednesday.

We are one nation: not a blue nation, a red nation, a South nation, a North nation, an East Coast nation, a West Coast nation. One nation. It is our nation. We all get to define our nation. This job is not reserved for one segment of it: not the liberals, the conservatives, the Democrats, the Republicans, the socialists, nor the nationalists. We are all living under the same flag.

Why do we have to say this?

We are one democracy. We redefine our nation, our state, our county each time we vote. No one gets to win it all. No one gets to lose but to stay in power.

We are 50 states with 50 electoral systems, all operating under one guiding law that the arc of time has tended (but not always) to make “more perfect”: one person, one vote. Vir...

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