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Editorial: On the other hand …

President Obama got it exactly right on Monday, speaking in Ireland as the G8 summit of heads of the world’s largest economies, got underway.

He invoked the other buzzword of his 2008 campaign—hope. He praised the people of Northern Ireland for forging and keeping for 15 years a peace between the Catholic and Protestant factions which, for generations, tore the country apart.

"You set the example for those who are seeking peace to end conflicts of their own. You are their blueprint to follow. You are the proof of what is possible. Hope is contagious. They are watching to see what you do next."

Hope, indeed, is contagious, and large doses of it are needed for Syrians, the Sudanese, and the people of other nations struggling against each other. The G8 summiteers are expected to focus much of their talk on the troubles of Syria. We hope they can come to a common resolve that may bring hope to that sad nation, and spread a bit of hope to other corners of the globe.

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