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Editorial: Never again

January 6 drowsed through the centuries as the Christian feast of the Epiphany.

Drowsed, that is, until last year, when January 6 became the day of insurrection at our Capitol. Now it will be remembered in America as a very dark and frightening day.

The wheels of justice are grinding slowly and rather surely, but it would be useful to see some of the upper-level planners and plotters brought to account in addition to the foot soldiers caught up in the furor and by the extensive investigation. We need not comment further on this process. It is in gear.

We do find it necessary to say this: never again. The beauty of our nation’s democracy is its commitment to the peaceful transfer of power. In Virginia we will witness such a transfer of power next week, on Saturday, January 15, as Republicans take over the three top elective offices, governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Republicans are ecstatic; Democrats are unhappy; yet all will cooperate to pass the torch peac...

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