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Editorial: More perfect

“To form a more perfect union”:

An English teacher would jump on the modifiers: Perfect, the teacher would say, cannot be improved.

Our Founding Fathers went beyond the grammar. They knew, as they established our form of government 233 years ago, that the original Articles of Confederation needed improvement, and then they apparently decided their own work needed improvement too.

They added the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments, in order to gather approval of the states. The very first amendment guaranteed the freedom of assembly and right to petition to government that we have seen locally, across Virginia, and across the United States in the past two weeks.

The protesters want to realize that “more perfect union.”

We can be proud that they will stand up to seek what they envision is so sorely needed: a nation that commits itself to working toward the ideal of being color-blind.

Just as slavery was America’s original sin, racism in many forms, open (rarely) or...

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