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Editorial: Meanwhile, out there…

Anyone watching the projected path of Hurricane Dorian for the past week could be excused if feeling confused. Just nine days ago, the storm was anticipated to become a minimal hurricane at best and to make a direct hit on Florida’s east coast.

One week later, the record-breaking destructive monster has turned north and is creeping up the Atlantic coast, at least somewhat reduced in power.  Photos from the Bahamas, where Dorian parked for a while, are appalling.

The projections call for the storm to turn northeast and to give us a brush, at best; and we sincerely hope the effects will be minimal for all the states.

Forecasting the path of hurricanes is an inexact science, depending on atmospheric steering currents and the best calculations of experienced meteorologists and their computers.

We are fortunate in one thing: we have no reason not to be prepared. While the forecasts may change, we have hourly updates to keep us informed.

Those of us who dwell on the East Coas...

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