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Editorial: Make it easier

While we’re on the subject of Election Day, there seems to be a push and pull when it comes to expanding the voting franchise. In 2013, the General Assembly approved a law to require all in-person voters to show a valid, unexpired photo identification at the polls. That move has been criticized by the left as having the effect of disenfranchising poor voters and voters of color who may not have a valid driver’s license and will probably not take the time and effort to secure a free photo ID just so they can vote.

This year, Gov. Terry McAuliffe fought a legal battle to restore the voting rights of former felons. After his blanket executive order was struck down by the Virginia Supreme Court, McAuliffe personally signed restoration orders of some 67,000 former felons to date. This move has been criticized by those on the right as a politically motivated attempt to increase the voting base for the Democratic Party.

All the while, Virginia’s absentee voting rules have ...

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