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Editorial: Let your voice be heard

Will your vote make a difference on Tuesday?

Taken individually … probably not. Let’s be realistic. After all, in most elections, the margin of victory is almost always more than a single vote. Sure, there have been exceptions, but those are pretty rare.

However, if every person who felt his or her vote wouldn’t make a difference to the outcome of an election stayed home—or even just a few of them—then it most certainly would.

The question is then, what does it matter? Why even bother to vote?

That question gets to the heart of the matter. If you’re not concerned where your tax dollars go—if you don’t care about education, good roads, a sheriff’s office that is there for you when you call, firefighters to come when your house is burning down, or any of the other countless services that tax dollars support—then yes, you should probably stay home. You can devote that 15 minutes out of your day to reading a book (maybe two o...

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