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Editorial: Is there no end?

The spotlight swivels from one city to another, illuminating the madness of the summer of 2016:

Orlando; Istanbul; Baton Rouge; Minneapolis; Bristol; Dallas; Nice; Baton Rouge again. That is just a list of the recent months, latest sad beads in a long chain of prayers for our nation and our world.

And the killing goes on. Sometimes it comes with a name: terrorism in the name of God, a foul abuse of everything religion is supposed to stand for. Sometimes it cannot be explained, although two sides usually form and shout “racism” or “law and order.” Sometimes revenge is the obvious motive.

Untold misery comes with each wrenching act of violence: death to innocents, agonizing grief to their survivors and co-workers, feelings of anger and shame in the cities where it happened. Deep wounds open the social fabric and we are all bleeding from the impact.

Each season seems to bring a new litany of carnage and outrage. Is there no end to the madness? ...

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