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Editorial: How did you get here? Part 2

Last week we asked readers to send us a few lines on what brought them to Gloucester and Mathews Counties. We are starting to receive answers.

If you have a good story to share telling why you came to our counties, we would like to hear it.

When you meet someone new to Gloucester or Mathews, one of the questions usually asked is “what brought you to this county?”

We would like to hear from our readers: what brought you here?

Our communities have a strong mix of residents: people who have always lived here, as their families before them did for generations, and people who moved here to be close to their work, or to retire. We also have residents who grew up here, moved away for their careers, then came home to enjoy the sights and sounds and surroundings they knew as children.

Every workplace, every club, every church, every organization experiences this healthy mix of backgrounds.It’s a perennial topic, and one we may raise again, if this week’s question draws any respo...

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