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Editorial: Hope springs eternal

Hard work will help us achieve our goals. Good marketing, especially at this time of year, helps to ignite that spark of hope.

We are referring to the hope of a bountiful, beautiful, weed-free, bug-free home garden.

Thanks to the seed catalogs cannily mailed to Americans just as the Christmas lights go out, we can think about another wonderful season that lies ahead.

We are given the hope of growing pink corn; blue potatoes; multihued pumpkins; prize-winning watermelons; flowers of all hues.Thanks to, again, the seed catalogs.

The catalogs bring the possibilities to our mailbox. Our checks and credit cards bring the seeds and plants to our doorstep. And our hard work can bring home the tomatoes, and squash, etc.

Never mind the hot and humid days, the wire grass, the biting flies, the squash borers, the droughts, the floods, and the varmints in the garden.

At this time of year, all things are possible, especially the wonderful things offered by the seed catalogs.


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