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Editorial: Heal our headache

This year 2020 has been one big migraine headache. No “normal” aspect of life has escaped the pain.

Our normal political back-and-forth? Tagged with impeachment, tawdry facts, acquittal and a victory round.

Then came the pandemic which uprooted every aspect of our normal spring blossoming of hopes. Outdoor events, country fairs, graduations, festivals, you-name-it: gone. Masks: on. Deaths: piling up, 103,000 Americans dead of COVID-19 in just over three months. Economy and jobs: in tatters. Nothing is normal.

All these events have been a prelude to perhaps the saddest reality of all: The fight for civil rights continues after decades of hope and disappointment.

It is hard to watch the recorded suffocation of George Floyd in Minneapolis, just as hard as watching and reading about other deaths that occurred in prior years for a victim of color doing something (or nothing), distinguished by the race of the victim.

It’s just as hard to watch businesses smashed and sometimes...

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