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Editorial: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

After eight and a half years, an estimated 4,487 American deaths, untold civilian casualties and billions of U.S. tax dollars spent, the Iraq war officially came to an end with the withdrawal of the last U.S. combat troops just a few days before Christmas.

What will be the ultimate legacy of the U.S.-led invasion and occupation? Will it lead to a more stable Middle East? Will this lessen or intensify sectarian strife in the region? Was it worth the cost—in terms of lives lost, those who will be forever scarred and those who put their futures on hold for multiple deployments? And what of the tremendous financial burden?

There is no doubt that the war removed a tyrannical despot who tortured and killed his own people, and was a threat to others. But as to the long-term effects of the military operation, only time will tell. We only hope that a strong and independent Iraq will one day emerge as a full partner in the international community of nations. Until that time, the Iraq...

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