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Editorial: Gifts

After the particularly long, nasty and misleading campaign just waged at the state level, we offer an observation that may be hard to swallow. But offer it we do, with the proviso that this comment applies ONLY to candidates, whom we more or less know, running for office at the local level:

What they have done, in running for public office, is to offer a gift of service to the people of Gloucester and Mathews.

It is a gift that will be lightly appreciated by most of the electorate, as voters are now beaten daily with messages that all politicians cheat, lie and run over their grandmothers in the effort to win prestige, position and public office.

We cannot really say that about our local candidates. In running, they have offered to more or less give themselves—the remuneration is small—to four years of budget wrangles, solving road, school and public utility problems, and complaints from constituents, often called in when that officeholder is trying to relax.

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