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Editorial: Expressions of support

We are on the edge of the most fevered days of election season, and our Readers Write column is already receiving letters of endorsement. If past years are any example, we expect it to become rather crowded here soon.

We will do our very best to use a representative sample of letters for candidates. To have the best chance of publication, it’s best to refrain from personal, unverifiable attacks on opponents, to be brief, and to avoid repetition of points made elsewhere.

As a matter of policy, we do not run letters concerning upcoming elections from candidates or from members of their families.

And in all cases, letters to the editor require a signature, an address (complete for verification, will be abbreviated in the column), and a daytime phone number.

We will use what we can, and at the end, if we are out of space, we will use the names of those writing letters of endorsement that just did not fit (along with the name of the candidates they are endorsing).

Thank you for w...

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