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Editorial: Exemplar

Thirty years ago, minus 42 days, George Herbert Walker Bush took the Presidential oath and gave his inaugural address. We remember in particular one line delivered as he spoke to members of Congress. The legislative branch was then controlled by Democrats, to be sure, but he reached out in a spirit of harmony:

“To my friends, and, yes, I do mean friends—in the loyal opposition and, yes, I mean loyal—I put out my hand.”

In his address, President Bush lamented a sense of divisiveness that had reared its ugly head, and appealed to the spirit of unity that has always moved our country forward in spite of which party is in charge.

How refreshing it would be if our leaders today, to celebrate his legacy, would do the same rather than cast as an enemy anyone who disagrees with one position or another.

For those remembering President Bush I as a man of dignity, integrity, graciousness and honor, we offer also this opening passage from his inaugural speech:


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