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Editorial: Early voting

Although almost a year away, the 2020 election is already shaping up to be a highly divisive, ugly contest. While the negative ads that are sure to come may discourage some potential voters from heading to the polls, we hope that’s not the case. Representative democracy is not a spectator sport, nor was it meant to be; it requires that we all play a part.

Anything that makes it easier for We the People to cast our ballots is a good thing, as long as the integrity of the electoral process is maintained. That’s why it’s good news that Virginia voters will have, for the first time ever, a limited form of early voting, starting with the upcoming presidential election.

In February, the General Assembly approved legislation that allows for a week of no-excuse absentee voting. From Oct. 24-31, voters can walk into the registrar’s office and cast a ballot without having to provide any explanation for doing so (such as being out of town, having to work/commute 11 or mo...

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