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Editorial: Do we care?

Many, many government programs get the ax in the blueprint of President Donald John Trump’s first budget proposal. We have been hearing about them for the past week. The victim whose loss may affect us most closely is the cleanup program for the Chesapeake Bay.

The proposed Trump budget is worse than we anticipated. Last week, we wrote that it reportedly would reduce funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup, from $73 million to $5 million. But the proposal released last Thursday, in its own words, “Eliminates funding for specific regional efforts such as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the Chesapeake Bay, and other geographic programs.”

No money for our great Bay! This is an utter reversal of previous bipartisan federal initiatives,  cloaked under the guise that “The Budget returns the responsibility for funding local environmental efforts and programs to State and local entities, allowing EPA to focus on its highest national priorities.”

The Che...

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