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Editorial: Despicable necessity

Again our nation’s flags fly at half-staff to memorialize the victims of a mass shooting. Twelve people whose only mistake was to go to work lie dead. Close to home. In Virginia Beach. The scene this time was so close that almost everyone will know someone, who knows someone, who was affected.

Friday’s tragedy, so shocking, so numbing, is just the latest in a series of disgraceful crimes in which the victims were going about their own business: to school, to work, to pray … gathered innocently and with a productive purpose, and gunned down.

Motives may emerge and be announced, or may never be known (as in the Las Vegas gunman of 2017). Does it really matter? How can our nation put a stop to such carnage? We have read and heard all the theories, and we watch the inaction of our elected leaders with real disdain. Our governor has called for action and is already facing roadblocks from the other side. Where is the outrage? Where is the resolution to try to make it sto...

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