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Editorial: Decorum

There is a time and place available for citizens to express their concerns, needs and opinions to the elected officials that govern our two counties. Not to mention the many forums available to us to make our voices heard, such as contacting our representatives directly via phone or email, writing letters to the editor and speaking during public comment period at open meetings.

What is not appropriate is heckling board members from the crowd, disrupting a meeting that is still in progress, going beyond your allotted time to speak during public comment, or antagonizing our elected representatives during recess or after adjournment when a vote did not go the way you wished it had.

Some level of decorum and civility needs to be maintained during public meetings so our board members can do the job we elected them to do: represent us. If you disagree with a decision that was made, tell them in one of the aforementioned avenues. Don’t harass, heckle or act otherwise inappropriately.


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