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Editorial: Come together

Hyper-partisanship threatens our country. Every act of a political opponent is subjected not only to scrutiny but also to criticism, indictment and fearmongering.

Where there is room to investigate, by all means do so. But let the investigators have the space and time they need to get to the bottom of the matter; especially, in this case, the Russian tampering with our electoral system.

It is tiresome, wearying and off-putting to follow the screeds of commentators on both the left and the right as they seek instant answers and solutions (and higher TV ratings) through commentary on issues that will take a long time to dissect fully.

And it can also be dangerous. Last week’s senseless attack on Republican members of Congress raised plenty of questions … and within hours, the debate over gun control had also ramped up to the usual fever pitch.

The questions will eventually be answered, and we will learn why a Bernie Sanders supporter evidently felt it was his mission to ...

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