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Editorial: Carrot or stick?

Will that stubborn mule move forward faster with a stick applied to its rump, or to a carrot occasionally held in front and fed to it?

We vote for the carrot, every time. Less pain, greater reward will equal moving forward faster. Too many sticks, and like liberty-loving Americans, that mule will kick.

Finally our nation has concrete measures in place, with passage of the oddly-named Inflation Reduction Act, not so much to reduce inflation, but to reduce carbon emissions.

People have been wrangling about global warming, its causes, its treatments, its reality, for a couple of generations now. Meanwhile the evidence mounts month by month that we really are hotter, and that the lakes are shrinking, and that the icecaps are melting.

We accept the fact that the climate is changing. We have thought for a long time that the government needs to address this serious problem.Some advocates of a solution would rely on mandates: you must convert to renewable energy, you must drive an...

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