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Editorial: Campaign commotion

Sixteen more months of this?

Absurd. Ridiculous. Nuts.

Truly, with the press hanging on every word of almost every candidate for president, you might think the election is just around the corner.

But no. It is almost 16 months away.

Every Republican you have ever heard of, and many a person you may find unfamiliar, is jockeying to qualify for the first televised debate, which is just a week away. That is, 15 months before the election. At present, there are 16 GOP hopefuls who have declared they are seeking the nation’s highest office … although no one seems to be calling them the Sweet Sixteen. The bracket will narrow considerably for the Aug. 6 debate; only the top 10 will get a place on the stage.

They are wearing us out already!

Always good for press is Donald Trump, who has sucked all the air out of his rivals’ lungs with many outrageous and just-plain-rude comments about those rivals, true statesmen, and other groups he considers soft targets. Especially ...

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