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Editorial: Back to darkness

The law giveth.

The law taketh away.

Early risers suffer through dark, dark mornings in the winter. Not until Friday, Feb. 10, did the sun rise before 7 a.m. As of today, March 9, sunrise is at 6:25 a.m.

But not much longer.

Legally imposed national Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, and will immediately delay sunrise to 7:21 a.m., creating more mornings of darkness. Not again until Sunday, March 27, will the sun rise before 7.

Somewhere in the nation, in any given state including Virginia, and in the halls of Congress, there is probably a move afoot to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, or to lengthen its boundaries. Conversely, we have read of a few efforts to abolish it altogether.

Most of us live by the clock. Time to get up, time to go to school, or to work, time for supper, time for bed. Those are constants.

But thanks to the laws that give us extra daylight in the evening, or take it away in the mornings, we can’t always tell time by the sun. Back to dar...

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